For a company that deals with the distribution of perishable food products, the ability to accurately predict the trend of demand and the timely management of the sales process are critical success factors. Thanks to the application, the agent displays the history of purchases made by the customer and, based on this data, elaborates purchase forecasts that are transmitted through the GPRS / 3G / 4G connection to the central management system, which forward them to the supplier. . Later during the visit to the customer, the agent enters the actual orders on his computer, which are transmitted in real time to the central management system, which, in turn, updates the forecasts previously formulated by the agent on the basis of the order. actual. The data is subsequently transmitted to the warehouse, which prepares the goods for shipment. In addition to this, for the management of promotions, the system makes a “piggy bank” available to each agent, which enhances the promotional budget available. The correct use of the price list, promotions and customer discounts is automatically verified by the system, which updates the “piggy bank” in real time based on the orders placed by the agent. The solution for the automation of the sales force has made it possible to improve the performance of the sales process by significantly increasing its timeliness and, more generally, operational efficiency. Orders placed are automatically verified by the software on the basis of contractual conditions and updated promotional information. Order entry, processing and transmission activities have become faster thanks to the real-time connection based on a cellular network. Now the agent ships the orders immediately after the visit to the customer, with a significant reduction in the delivery lead time and allowing more time to the warehouse staff to prepare the shipments.

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