Direct Store Delivery

The program consists of several phases:

Warehouse movements
Allows control over the quantity, available and committed by orders, of the products loaded on the vehicle, the activation of the printing of the general transport document and dynamic stocks, and access via password, of the administrative manager, to the preparation and printing of movements warehouse in non-standard situations.

Sales / Orders / Receipts
It allows the carrying out of delivery activities on pre-loaded orders or in pure attempted sale, order collection, management of suspended receipts and deliveries with the issuance of all necessary paper documents.

Summary Prints
It allows the issuance of all the control prints normally required at the end of a delivery cycle or order collection.

It prepares the palmtop for data exchange with the office computer in charge of connection with the administrative system, allowing the verification of the correct or anomalous completion of the data download and reload activities.

Activated only with a password, it allows the administrative manager to carry out initial system setup activities.

Special functions
Integration with road navigators (sygic, google maps)
Catalog of articles images (high resolution images with the possibility of zooming)
Display of usual items through history (View list of items usually purchased by the customer)
Suggestion articles via history (Who bought this article also took …)
A feature widely used by our customers is the review of the latest document. It is possible to recall the last document after it has been printed to correct any inaccuracies and then reprint it without having to reinsert it from the beginning.
Broadcasts on google drive. From google drive you can automatically obtain historical data of transmissions, retrieve transmissions from the trash can, see statistical data on transmissions, etc.
Automatic app update.

Download the DEMO version of our Direct Store Delivery App.