Android app for festivals and fairs

Entering commands
The command entry system is quick and intuitive. The program works on
tablet or android smartphone and the graphical interface guides the user in inserting the
data. It is possible to use several speakers in parallel each speaker is independent but communicates
with a cloud server in which the data of the different cash desks are totalized so as to have the
data updated in real time.

Print receipts
A receipt is produced divided into 4 parts and optimized if necessary:
– full account for the client
– order for first courses
– orders for main courses
– commands seats and bars

For the printouts we use native language driven zebra printers.

Evening summary prints
At the end of the evening it is possible to make a summary of the sales made
The printout shows the list of the various receipts made and the sales totals

Display of totals by kitchen in real time

From any internet station it is possible to view the
situation of the evening in order to schedule the kitchen work in such a way
punctual without waste.
We have some systems that we can rent upon reservation
limited to the provinces of Modena, Reggio Emilia and Bologna. The rent
standard includes the android tablet with wifi connection (excluding 4G sim), the
zebra printer, 220 volts battery chargers and 4 rolls of paper for printing
receipts. For the kitchen it is only necessary to display a web page.
Other services
– price list customization
– receipt personalization
– consolidated summary of several evenings and various statistics