Android Direct Store Delivery system.
DacomPAD offers the user all the advantages of a printer and a handheld computer combined in a single mobile, reliable and resistant station.
Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, it can be used in the rain or dropped to the ground while still delivering the same performance day in and day out.
The case is made of shockproof, light and ergonomic Bayblend® material, and can be gripped either with the right or left hand.
The batteries of the handheld computer and the printer are recharged directly by DacomPAD which can be powered either through the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket or from the mains socket.

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    Android APP for Direct Store Delivery

    The DSD Technology app is the result of our experience and is a software for attempted sales and order collection operating on terminals and portable printers with an Android operating system.

    The main features of our application:

    • Tentata Vendita.

    • Presale.
    • Summary prints.
    • Warehouse movements.
    • Data transmission in the cloud.
    • Paperless.

    • Artificial Intelligence.

    Download the DEMO version of our Direct Store Delivery App.

      Download the DEMO version of our InventoryPal Android App from the Play Store.