Management software

Master data management (customers, products, price lists, agents, payment reasons, customer supplier assortments)

Data transmission (data preparation in PERPC format for dacom standard TV)

Data Import (import the DAPC file from DACOM standard tv)

Insertion, revision, cancellation, reprint of delivery notes, payments and immediate invoice generation

Epson receipt printing

Entry of bills from headquarters and generation of inventory movements

Invoice generation (detailed invoices are generated per bill from the bills issued in the month)

Print invoices (print and reprint invoices)

Invoice entry / revision

Sales and revenue statistics: by agent, customer, item or by agent, item)

Management and printing of customer account statements

Riba flow generation for banks

Prints (sales statistics, canceled, replaced documents)

Commission maintenance (Agent, Customer, Price List)

Agent commission calculation (From date to date, from agent to agent)

Calculation of commissions on collected (From date to date, from agent to agent)

Disc extraction for re-invoicing in filconad format

Extraction of deferred invoices in XML electronic format